Unwrapped is a zero waste grocery shop based in Crookes, Sheffield.

Customers can fill their own containers with a huge variety of food and non-food products and can also purchase other eco items aimed at reducing waste.

In our shop we have focused on accessibility – we are aware that not everyone can buy 100% organic food, and most of us are short of time and energy. Our shop will provide most of the weekly essentials and caters to lots of budgets.

We are both vegetarian therefore Unwrapped is a fully vegetarian shop and also stocks a wide range of vegan products.

As two trained scientists we aim to be as evidence-based as possible when selecting the goods we sell. We know we can’t be perfect, but we will constantly reassess our customers’ needs and our environmental goals.

Product List
Baking powder (including gluten free)Pear halvesBio D fabric conditionerBaby conchiglieDecaf Earl Grey tea
Bicarbonate of sodaPrunesBio D laundry liquid (non-bio)CelentaniDecaf Irish breakfast tea
Cacao nibs (organic)RaisinsBio D lime and aloe sanitising liquid hand soapFettuccineDecaf Sencha green tea
Chickpea (gram) flourSultanasBio D non-bio washing powderFusilli (organic whiteDelicious berry fruit tea
Cocoa powder (organic)Unsulphured apricotsBio D toilet cleanerOrzo (organic)Earl Grey tea
Cornflour (gluten freeArborio riceBio D washing up liquidPenne (organic wholewheat)Ginger and lemon tea
Demerara sugarBasmati rice – brown and whiteEcover all purpose cleanerSpaghetti (organic and non-organic whiteJasmine blossom green tea
Desiccated coconutBlack riceEcover delicates laundry liquidA range of recycled glass jars and bottlesMasala chai tea
Gluten free plain flour (Doves Farm)Bulghur wheatEcover fabric conditionerBamboo toothbrushes (softMint tea (blend of spearmint and peppermint)
Gram flourCouscous – whiteEcover floor soapBath truffles from Sheffield Skincare CompanyRooibos tea
Granulated sugar (British)Pearl barleyEcover laundry liquid (non-bio)Beeswax food wraps by BeeBee wrapsSpiced apple fruit tea
Ground almondsPolentaEcover lavender and aloe liquid hand soapCloth nappies and accessories from Baba & BooVanilla rooibos tea
Plain flour (Doves FarmQuinoaFaith in Nature aloe and ylang ylang shower gel/bath foamCloth sanitary pads made by TCS EcoYorkshire breakfast tea
Raw cacao powder (organic)Red riceFaith in Nature lavender and geranium shower gel/bath foamDenttabs toothpaste tablets with fluorideGrind your own peanut butter
Self raising flourWild riceSuma clear and simple shampoo and conditionerDeodorants from KutisNutritional yeast with added B12
Soft brown sugarBasilSuma grapefruit and aloe shampoo and conditionerLipbalm by Kutis and Happy HolisticsSosmix (vegan)
Strong white bread flour (Doves FarmBay leavesSuma white lavender shampoo and conditionerMascara and blusher by Luna BeautySoya mince (TVP mince)
Strong wholemeal bread flour (Doves FarmBlack peppercornsToiletry refillsMenstrual cups (Lunette and OrganicupSun-dried tomatoes (organic)
YeastCardomon (whole seed and ground)Almonds (organic)Produce bags (organic and non-organic cotton)
Black eyed beansCassia (Cinnamon)Brazil nutsReusable coffee cups by Ecoffee
Black turtle beansCayenne pepperCashewsReusable make-up wipes from Baba & Boo
Brown lentilsChill flakesChia seeds (organic)Reusable straws (steel and bamboo)
Butter beansCinnamon (ground and quills)Flaked almondsSafety razors and blades
Canellini beansCoriander (ground)HazelnutsShade suncream
ChickpeasCumin (ground and seeds)Hemp seedsShampoo bars from AB Soap Studio
Dark speckled lentils (similar to Puy lentils)Curry powder (medium madras)Linseed (brown)Soap including hand
Green lentilsFennel seedLinseed (golden)Steel containers by Ukonserve and Slice of Green
Haricot beansGaram masalaNigella seedsSteel water bottles (One Green Bottle
Kidney beansGarlic powderPeanutsVegan soy wraps
Red split lentilsGround chilliPecansBombay mix
Soup mix (organic)Mixed spicePine nuts (organic)Crystallised ginger
Soya beans (organic)Mustard seed (ground and yellow whole seeds)PistachiosMilk chocolate raisins
Bran flakes (organic)Nutmeg (ground and whole)Poppy seedsPopcorn kernels
CornflakesOreganoPumpkin seeds (organic)Raw chocolate almonds (Raw Chocolate Company organic)
Deluxe muesli (organic)PaprikaSesame seedsRaw chocolate cherries (Raw Chocolate Company organic)
Jumbo oatsParsleySunflower seedsRaw chocolate ginger (Raw Chocolate Company organic)
Luxury tropical muesliReduced salt bouillon (MarigoldWalnutsRaw chocolate mulberries (Raw Chocolate Company organic)
Muesli (organic)RosemaryApple cider vinegarSpicy chickpeas
Porridge oatsSageBalsamic vinegar (organic)Trail mix
Decaf coffee beans (FairtradeSalt: coarse and fine seasaltBasil infused olive oil
Ground coffee (Fairtrade)Smoked paprikaChilli infused olive oil
Medium coffee beans (FairtradeStar aniseDate balsamic vinegar
Strong coffee beans (organic)ThymeGarlic infused olive oil
Apple ringsTurmericHoney (clear
Banana chipsWhite pepper (ground)Rapeseed oil (cold pressed)
CranberriesWhole clovesRosemary infused olive oil
DatesWhite vinegar
Glace cherries
Mango (fairtrade)

Opening Hours


9:30am - 6pm


9:30am - 5pm


9:30am - 5pm


9:30am - 6pm


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9:30am - 5pm



We are closed on Bank Holidays