The Clean Kilo concept began simply over conversation between myself (Tom) and Jeanette because we desperately felt like we needed to do something about the amount of plastic which ends up in the environment. We had been racking our brains for a while, sometimes coming up with little inventions which could help people cut down on plastic use; we even floated the idea of a toothbrush with a changeable head until we realised someone else had already done it!

With the frivolous use of unnecessary plastic for food packaging that we had seen, (items like single bell peppers in shrink wrap) Jeanette asked the question, ‘Why is there not a supermarket with no plastic packaging?’. This then quickly reminded me of a bulk shop that I visited frequently during my time as a chemistry PhD student in Australia. I had always pondered about how great it would be to have this in the UK, however, with no previous business background it seemed a ridiculous thought to embark on such a project. Luckily with Jeanette’s encouragement, and assurance that she would be able to help, this gave me the confidence to make The Clean Kilo: Zero Waste Supermarket become a reality in Birmingham.

Product List
ChickpeasOrganic Dried ApricotsBorn Wild English Breakfast TeaStop Micro Waste Guppyfriend
Red Kidney BeansOrganic Banana ChipsBorn Wild Masala ChaiSoap Nuts
Organic Black Turtle BeansOrganic Select DatesSencha GreenBody And Hand Soap Bars
Yellow Split PeasOrganic FigsBorn Wild Handsome Earl GreyShampoo Bars
Red Split LentilsOrganic Goji BerriesBorn Wild RooibosFacial Soap Bars
Pinto BeansOrganic Mango StripsGinger And Lemon TeaShaving Soap Bars
Organic Butter BeansOrganic RaisinsOrganic Soy MilkFaith In Nature Shampoo
Organic Haricot BeansOrganic Pitted PrunesOrganic Almond MilkFaith In Nature Conditioner
Organic Cannellini BeansOrganic Desiccated CoconutOrganic Cashew MilkConditioner Flakes (Makes 1 Litre)
Green LentilsOrganic SultanasOat MilkScottish Fine Soaps Sea Kelp Moisturiser
Puy LentilsOrganic Balsamic Vinegar Of ModenaRaw Organic Vegan Chocolate AlmondsLatticia Organics Whipped Shea Souffle
Organic Soya BeansOrganic Biona Cider Vinegar-raw+the MotherRaw Organic Vegan Chocolate Covered GingerLavender Essential Oils
Textured Vegetable Protein (Soya Mince)Malt VinegarRaw Organic Vegan Chocolate Goji BerriesPeppermint Essential Oils
Organic Bran FlakesAspalls Red Wine VinegarRaw Organic Vegan Chocolate RaisinsSweet Orange Essential Oils
Organic Corn FlakesOrganic White Wine VinegarWhite Chocolate Covered StrawberriesRose Geranium Essential Oils
Organic Puffed RicePlain Rapeseed OilBake Stable Chocolate ChipsMouthwash Tablets
Organic Porridge OatsChilli Infused Rapeseed OilHandmade Vegan ChocolatesGeorganics Activated Charcoal Toothpaste
Organic Gluten-free Porridge OatsGarlic Infused Rapeseed OilVegan Chocolate Covered Coffee BeansGeorganics Spearmint Toothpaste
Organic Rolled OatsHerb Infused Rapeseed OilLady Hatton Smoked Cheese (From Ludlow)Georganics Floss
Organic Buckwheat FlakesCoconut OilButter (From Ludlow)Georganics Floss Refill
Organic Deluxe MuesliOrganic Plain White FlourGreek Yoghurt (From Ludow)Truthpaste 120g
Organic Popping CornOrganic Self Raising White FlourFree Range Eggs (From Lichfield)Truthpaste 40g
White Basmati RiceOrganic Strong Wholemeal FlourSourdough Loaf (Peel And Stone)Bamboo Toothbrushes
Organic Brown Short Grain RiceOrganic Strong White FlourBrown Tin Loaf (Peel And Stone)Mooncup Size A
Organic Jasmine RiceOrganic Spelt FlourTea Cakes (Peel And Stone – Saturday’s Only)Mooncup Size B
Organic Brown Jasmine RiceOrganic Buckwheat FlourJack’s Energy BallsEpsom Salt
Organic Wild RiceOrganic Coconut FlourIce LolliesVegan Organic Body Butter
Brown Basmati RiceOrganic Chickpea (Gram) FlourFererro Rocher Ice CreamEarth Conscious Deodorant
Arborio RiceDoves Gluten-free Plain FlourVanilla Seed Ice CreamBath Bombs
Black RiceDoves Gluten-free Plain FlourSalted Caramel Ice CreamToilet Paper 4 Pack
Organic British White QuinoaOrganic Raw Cocao PowderMint Ice CreamReusable Cotton Facial Wipes (Pack Of 10)
Organic Red QuinoaOrganic Fairtrade Caster SugarSingle Ice Cream ConesSafety Razor
Organic Black QuinoaSoft Light Brown SugarDouble Ice Cream ConesWashable Sanitary Pads (Heavy Flow)
CouscousOrganic Coconut SugarOrganic Frozen RaspberriesWashable Sanitary Pads (Medium Flow)
Organic Wholewheat Cous CousBillingtons DemeraraCarrots (British) – EveshamDry Shampoo (Light)
Organic Giant Cous CousBicarbonate Of SodaBeetroot (British) – EveshamDry Shampoo (Dark)
Organic Bulgur WheatCocoa ButterPeas (British) – EveshamBamboo Straws
Organic Pearl BarleyBaking PowderBroad Beans (British) – EveshamStainless Steel Straws
PolentaAgave SyrupNew Potatoes (British) – EveshamStraw Brushes
Organic MilletWildflower Raw HoneySweet PotatoesBeeswax Wrap (Small)
Wholewheat PenneBake Stable Chocolate ChipsJersey Royal Potatoes (British)Beeswax Wrap (Med)
White PenneBasilAsparagus (British) – EveshamBeeswax Wrap (Large)
White FusilliBay LeavesTomatoes (British) – EveshamCustard Factory Beeswax
Wholewheat FusilliMixed HerbsTomatoes – Vine Ripened (British) – EveshamChilly’s Bottle (750ml)
Large Conch. ShellsOreganoCherry Tomatoes – Vine RipenedChilly’s Bottle (500ml)
Baby Conch. ShellsParsleyCucumbers (British) – EveshamChilly’s Bottles Food Canister
Gomiti RigatiRosemaryLeeks (British) – EveshamZero Waste Kit
SpaghettiSageClosed Cup MushroomsZero Waste Gig/festival Cup
Organic OrzoThymeSpring Onions (British)Gig/festival Cup Lanyard
Flat FettuccineDillParsnips (British)The Clean Kilo Hessian Bags
Lucky Boat Thick NoodlesMarjoramKiwiThe Clean Kilo Produce Bags (Small)
Lucky Boat Thin NoodlesOrganic Whole Black PeppercornLemonsThe Clean Kilo Produce Bags (Medium)
Organic PeanutsWhite PeppercornsRed OnionsThe Clean Kilo Produce Bags (Large)
Cashew NutsCardomom PodsSweetcornBamboo Coffee Cup
Raw Pistachio KernelsGround CardomomGarlic BulbStainless Steel Drinking Bottle (550ml)
Organic Walnut HalvesCayenne PepperGrapesStainless Steel Drinking Bottle (750ml)
Organic HazelnutsChillies GroundCherries (British)Sports Cap
Organic AlmondsOrganic Ground CinnamonCapsicum Peppers (British)1000ml Clip Top Jar
Organic Flaked AlmondsCinnamon SticksCauliflower (British)500ml Clip Top Jar
Organic Pecan HalvesWhole ClovesCourgette (British)500ml Milk/orange Juice Bottles
Organic Brazil NutsGround ClovesBlack Kale (British) – Evesham500ml Oil Bottle
Macadamia NutsCoriander SeedsBlueberries250ml Aluminium Bottle With Lid
Ground AlmondsGround CorianderOrganic Frozen Raspberries (From Kidderminster)500ml Aluminium Bottle With Lid
Chia SeedsCumin SeedsAvocado1000ml Aluminium Bottle With Lid
Golden Linseed/flax SeedsGround CuminConference Pears15ml Aluminium Bottle With Lid
Pumpkin SeedsMedium Curry PowderOrganic Apples (Kidderminster)20ml Amber Glass Bottle
Organic Sunflower SeedsHot Curry PowderOrganic Maca PowderAluminium Soap/moisturiser Dispenser
Organic Hemp SeedsFennel SeedsVegan Protein Powder60ml Clear Glass Bottle
Organic Raw Cacao NibsGaram MasalaGolden Swan White Vinegar100ml Clear Glass Bottle
Organic Yacon Sweetened Cacao NibsSmoked PaprikaEcoleaf Washing PowderTea Caddies
Organic White Sesame SeedsMixed SpiceEcoleaf Hand Soap LiquidClip Top Spice Jar
Bombay MixGround NutmegSesi Laundry LiquidTall Spice Jar
Japanese Rice CrackersWhole NutmegSesi Fabric ConditionerMetal Spice Caddie
Sweet Chilli Roasted Fava BeansOrganic Vegatable BouillonSesi Washing Up LiquidGlass Pepper/salt Grinders
Lightly Salted Roasted Fava BeansHimalayan Pink Coarse SaltSesi Toilet CleanerSquare Metal Caddie (Large)
Wasabi PeasHimalayan Pink Fine SaltSesi Surface SpraySquare Metal Caddie (Small)
CrispsFine Sea SaltCoconut Fibre Scourer750ml Jam Jar
Vegetarian Jelly SweetsUnrefined Coarse Sea SaltTawashi Washing Up Brush (Small)Square Jam Jar
Ginger And Lime KombuchaGarlic SaltTawashi Washing Up Brush (Medium)Swing Top Bottle
Orange And Hibiscus KombuchaQuarter Horse Organic Ft Brazilian CoffeeTawashi Washing Up Brush (Large)Sample Tins
Raspberry Lemonade KombuchaQuarter Horse Organic Ft Columbian CoffeeWashing Up BrushAllege Cork Top Oil Bottle
Apple RingsQuarter Horse Decaffeinated Mexican CoffeeBottle Brush1 Litre Jam Jar

N.B. Prices are subject to changes


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Use the buses 6, 6A, 17, 34, 37, 60, and 97. You can also get the train to New Street Station and walk (or get the above buses) about 10 mins to us.

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