Plentiful is a plastic free shop now open in Ramsbottom, Bury. Chickpeas to chocolate, cups to conditioner, we aim to give you a choice. The choice to eat real food and live life without single use plastics.

Product List
BAKING (Products marked GF* are gluten free in nature however they may have been handled in an area containing gluten. With loose goods we do our absolute best  but cannot guarantee zero gluten contamination.)DRIED FRUIT (All vegan)BREAKFAST (All vegan)CHOCOLATE/SNACKS (*All chocolate grown without pesticides and is 100% sustainable. Grown in Colombia part of a long term scheme training local people in how to develop profitable farms.)
Plain White Flour (Organic)Apricots (Unsulphured) (Organic)Cornflakes (Organic)Dark Chocolate 85% (vegan)
Self Raising Flour (Organic)Banana Chips (Organic)Granola (Organic)Milk Chocolate Giant Buttons
Strong White Bread Flour (Organic)Coconut Chips (Organic)Deluxe Muesli  (Organic)White Chocolate Giant Buttons
Wholemeal Rye Flour (Organic)Desiccated CoconutPorridge OatsChocolate Brazils
Rice Flour (GF*) (Organic)Dates (Organic)Gluten Free Oats (Organic)Garlic Gathia Sticks (a great plastic free alternative to crisps) (vegan)
Coconut Flour (GF*) (Organic)Figs (Organic)Fruit & Seed Topper (Organic)Popping corn (Organic) (vegan)
Ground Almonds (GF*)Goji Berries (Organic)Nut & Fruit Mix (Organic) (vegan)
Polenta (GF*) (Organic)Raisins (Organic)Wasabi Peas (vegan)
Soft Brown Sugar (Organic)Sultanas (Organic)Yoghurt Coated Banana Chips
Golden Caster Sugar (Organic)*Limited Time* Fruit Cake Mix – Raisins, Sultanas, Currants, Mixed Peel,  CherriesYoghurt Coated Raisins
Baking Powder (GF*)
Bicarbonate of Soda (GF*)
HERBS & SPICES (All vegan)NUTS & SEEDS (All vegan)GRAINS/BEANS/PULSES (All vegan)PASTA (All vegan)
Basil (Organic)Almonds (Organic)Arborio Rice (Organic)White Fusilli
Mixed HerbsBrazil Nuts (Organic)Basmati Rice (White)White Penne (Organic)
OreganoCashews (Organic)Long Grain Rice (Brown) (Organic)Wholewheat Penne (Organic)
Rosemary (Organic)Hazelnuts (Organic)British Quinoa (Organic)White Spaghetti (Organic)
Sage (Organic)MacadamiasWholewheat couscous (Organic)Wholewheat Spaghetti (Organic)
Thyme (Organic)Pecans (Organic)White couscousWhite Farfalle (Organic)
Chilli Powder (Organic)Peanuts (Organic)Bulgur Wheat (Organic)
Cinnamon (Organic)WalnutsPearl Barley (Organic)
Coriander Seed (Organic)Pine NutsAduki Beans (Organic)
Coriander Ground (Organic)Chia Seeds Black Turtle Beans (Organic)
Cumin Ground (Organic)Flax/LinseedsChickpeas (Organic)
Cumin Seed (Organic)Sunflower Seeds (Organic)Red Kidney Beans (Organic)
Garam MasalaPumpkin Seeds (Organic)Soya Beans (Organic)
Garlic PowderPoppy Seeds (Organic)Green Lentils (Organic)
Ginger (Organic)Sesame Seeds (Organic)Red Lentils (Organic)
Mixed Spice
Mustard Seeds (Organic)
Nutmeg Ground
Onion Powder (Organic)
Smoked Paprika
CLEANING REFILLS (All vegan, cruelty free, suitable for sensitive skin)BATHROOM REFILLS (All vegan,  cruelty free, no SLS/parabens, suitable for sensitive skin)
Bio-D Washing Up LiquidFaith in Nature Coconut Shampoo
Bio-D Laundry LiquidFaith in Nature Coconut Conditioner
Bio-D Fabric SoftenerFaith in Nature Seaweed & Citrus Shampoo
Bio-D Toilet CleanerFaith in Nature Seaweed & Citrus Conditioner
Bio-D All Purpose SanitiserFaith in Nature Coconut Body Wash
Bio-D Floor Cleaner
Bio-D Hand Sanitiser

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10am - 7pm


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11am - 3pm

Parking: 1 Hour spaces outside, or town centre parking: Market Place BL0 9AN or Grants Arms BL0 9AJ

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