Natural Weigh is the first Zero waste shop in Wales, and provides shoppers with an alternative to plastic packaging. At Natural Weigh you simply fill your own containers with as much of what you want, and pay for it by weight. It is flexible, and environmentally friendly. All our stock is organic and additive free to help people lead a healthier lifestyle, and support a healthier planet.

Product List
Baking PowderChocolate AlmondsQuinoaBamboo Cutlery
Bicarbonate Of SodaVanoffee MulberriesWhite BasmatiBamboo Coffee Cups
Demerara SugarBasilWhite Jasmine RiceWhite Penne Pasta
Castor SugarMixed HerbsWholemeal Cous CousWhite Fusilli Pasta
Light Muscovado SugarBasilWild RiceWhite Spaghetti
Icing SugarOreganoPearl BarleyWholewheat Pasta Penne
Wholemeal Rye FlourParsleyAgavePumpkin Seeds
Cocoa PowderRosemaryCyder VinegarChia
White Plain FlourSageWhite Wine VinegarLinseed
White Flour Self RaisingThymeRed Wine VinegarPoppy
Strong Wholemeal FlourDillBalsamic VinegarSesame Seeds
Strong White FlourAniseedSunflower OilSunflower Seeds
Buckwheat FlourMarjoramWelsh Rapeseed OilHulled Hemp Seeds
Chickpea FlourLaundry LiquidAlmondsBlack Peppercorns
Coconut FlourWashing Up LiquidAlmonds (Flaked)Cardamom Pods
Semolina FlourFloor CleanerBrazilCaraway Seeds
Brown Rice FlourHome And Garden SanitiserCashews PiecesGround Cardamom
Spelt FlourLaundry LiquidCashews WholeCayenne
Coconut SugarToilet CleanerHazelnutsChilli Ground
Black BeansFabric ConditionerPeanutsCinnamon
Blackeye BeanWashing PowderPecanCinnamon Sticks
Butter BeansApricotsWalnut PiecesCloves Ground
CanneliniBanana ChipsMacadamiaCoriander Seeds
ChickpeasSliced CranberriesPine NutsCumin Ground
Lentils – GreenDatesPistachio KernelsCumin Seeds
Lentils – PuyFigsSalt & Vinegar Roasted Fava BeansCurry Powder
Lentils – RedGoji BerriesHorseradish Roasted Green PeasFennel Seeds
Red Kidney BeansMangoSalted Green PeasGaram Masala
Split Peas – GreenMixed FruitMooncupsGinger (Ground)
Split Peas – YellowPrunesTea InfuserMustard Seeds – Brown
Soya BeansRaisinsStraw CleanerPaprika
Bran FlakesSultanasMetal StrawPaprika (Smoked)
CornflakesDessicated CoconutSoapnutsSea Salt Course
Deluxe MuesliToasted Coconut ChipsBamboo ToothbrushSea Salt Fine Turmeric
Jumbo OatflakesArborio RiceGeorganics ToothpasteNutmeg (Ground)
Muesli BaseBrown Basmati RiceNatural DeodorantSingle Origin Coffee (Peru, Rwanda, Burundi, Costa Rica)
OatmealBrown Jasmine RiceLuxury Soap BarsAssam Afternoon Tea
Porridge OatsBrown Long Grain RiceShampoo BarsGreen Tea
Chocolate DropsBrown Short Grain RiceReusable Razors And Blades (Muhle)Rooibos Tea
Cacao Nibs RawBuckwheatReusable Make Up WipesClassic Earl Grey Tea
Dark Chocolate Mint ButtonsMilletReusable Menstrual PadsWelsh Breakfast Tea
Chocolate GingerPolentaCoconut Hair Scouring Pads And Scrubbing Brushes
Chocolate RaisinsPopping CornBeeswax And Vegan Food Wraps

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