At NADA. we will offer a convenient and friendly store and encourage you to bring your own containers, glass jars and bags to refill directly from a bulk supply of various dry goods, liquids and household products. Buying in this way, not only helps reduce single use plastics being used but also helps stop food waste and saves you money. Everyone can get on board with that, right?! By us buying in bulk we can pass the savings onto you! Only need 75g of that coconut flour for a recipe your trailing? That’s fine! Trying to eat better and don’t know what cereal or grains you prefer? That’s fine too. You buy in small amounts and cut the waste.As well as being able to buy all you would need to help you on your way to living without plastic, with a range of bags, glass containers, toothbrushes, straws and reusable cups and bottles and even more to help reduce single use plastic in your everyday life. Nada will offer all the staples you will need for your kitchen, bathroom and everyday life.With your suggestions and pledges we will be able to grow our product range and offer an even more diverse range of products.

In addition to food, we will also be selling a range of tools to help you to live more zero waste. These include Bamboo toothbrushes, handmade soap (made right there in Leicester), sanitary good, cutlery, crockery, oil clothes, reusable coffee mugs as well as many others.

We will be selling a variety of home goods too, including harm-free clearing products which you can buy in as much (or little) as you like! These will include cleaning products, lime juice, salts. We choose only socially and environmentally conscious producers and suppliers in our effort to help you shop more sustainably.

Product List:
Aduki BeansCumin SeedsPolenta (Org)Walnut Halves
Almonds BlanchedDates (Org)Pop CornWasabi Peas
Almonds GroundDill WeedPoppy SeedsWheatgerm
Almonds WholeDried PineapplePrunesWhite Penne
AniseedGinger Crystallised (Org)Pumpkin Seeds (Org)Wholewheat Spaghetti (Org)
Apricots DriedGram FlourQuinoa (Org)Wholegrain Cous Cous (Org)
Apricots (Org)Ground ClovesQuinoa Red (Org)Stainless Steel Straw (Bent)
Banana ChipsGround CorianderRaisins (Org)Stainless Steel Straw (Straight)
Basil DriedGround CuminRaw Choclate RaisinsBamboo Straw
Beluga LentilsGround GingerRaw Chocolate AlmondsStaw Cleaning Brush
Bicarbonate Of SodaHazelnuts WholeRaw Chocolate Cacao PowderNatural Wheat Straws (25)
Black PeppercornsHemp Seeds (Org)Raw Chocolate Dark ButtonsMuslin Bag (S)
Black RiceJumbo Oats GfRaw Chocolate Fava BeansMuslin Bag (M)
Black Turtle BeansJumbo Oats (Org)Raw Chocolate GingerMuslin Bag (L)
Bombay MixJumbo Oats (Org)Raw Chocolate Mint ButtonsMesh Bag (S)
Broth MixJuniper BerriesRed Kidney BeansMesh Bag (M)
Bulgar Wheat CourseLinseedRed LentilsMesh Bag (L)
Butter BeansLinseed Golden (Org)Rice Puffs (Org)Tote Bag NADA
Cane Sugar (Org)Macadamia NutsRice Basmati Brown (Org)Soap Pouch
Cashew NutsMacaroni (Org)Rice Basmati WhiteBox Cleansing Pads (10)
Cayenne PepperMango SlicesRice Brown Long GrainCotton Scrubbies
Celery SaltMarjoramRosemaryMenstrual Cup (Sizes 1 & 2)
Chia SeedsMixed HerbsRye Flour (Org)Cotton Swabs
ChickpeasMixed Nuts-brazil, Hazelnuts, Red Peanuts, Almonds, Cashews, WalnutsSageKonjac Sponge
Cinnamon GroundMixed Peppercorns – Black, Pink, Green, WhiteSesame Seeds (Org)Toothbrush Adult
Cinnamon QuillsMuesli Base (Org)Sour Cherries (Org)Toothbrush Kids
Citric AcidMuesli DeluxeSpeckled LentilsShower Gel Faith In Nature Lavender (Per 100ml)
Cloves WholeMuesli TropicalSpelt Flour WholemealShower Gel Faith In Nature Coconut (Per 100ml)
Coconut ChipsOnions KibbledSpelt Flour (Org)Shampoo Faith In Nature Aloe (Per 100ml)
Coconut DesiccatedOreganoSultanas (Org)Shampoo Suma Simple (Per 100ml)
Coconut SugarPapayaSundried Tomatoes (Org)Conditioner Faith In Nature Aloe (Per 100ml)
Cornflakes (Org)PaprikaSunflower SeedsConditioner Suma Simple (Per 100ml)
Cous Cous (Org)Paprika SmokedThyme
Cous Cous PearlsPickling SpiceTri Colour Fusilli (Org)
Cranberries (Org)Pink PeppercornsTurmeric

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