At Hetu we are on a mission to change the world with one of the most powerful tools at our disposal; our buying power. Hetu is a vegan zero waste store. We offer whole foods in bulk and sustainable reusable items without unnecessary packaging. Helping people to live a more zero waste and low impact life. Benefiting your health and that of the planet. We say no to animal products, no to pesticides, no to exploitation, no to plastic and no to over consumption. We can work together to turn consumerism on its head with a few small changes.​

  • White vinegar
  • Organic Canadian maple syrup
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Greenscents – Lavender Laundry Liquid, Lavender Laundry Conditioner, Citrus Washing Up Liquid & Citrus All Purpose Spray
Product List:
ArrowrootBasilPine KernelsGeorganics Charcoal Powder 60ml
Baking PowderChili PowderPopping CornGeorganics Toothpaste 60ml / 120ml
Bicarbonate Of SodaCinnamonPumpkin SeedsMuhle Razor Guard
Cacao Nibs Fennel SeedSunflower SeedsMuhle Safety Razor
Cacao Powder Garam Masala Walnut HalvesMuhle Safety Razor (Rose Gold)
Coconut ChipsGarlic PowderDeluxe MuesliNeem Bar
Coconut Palm SugarGround CuminGluten Free Oat FlakesShampoo (Co-wash)
Maca PowderMixed HerbsJumbo OatsShampoo (Refreshing)
Plain White FlourMixed Spice PowderPinhead OatmealShea Butter
Wholemeal Flour – StrongMustard Ground YellowBlack Turtle BeansSoap (25g Bar)
Fruit JerkyMustard Seed BrownBrown LentilsToilet Roll
Raw Choc MulberriesNutmeg GroundButter (Lima) BeansToothbrush Case
Raw Choc AlmondsOnion PowderCannellini BeansToothbrush Child / Adult
Raw Choc GingerOreganoChickpeasTurmeric Skin Cream
Almond MylkPaprikaGreen Split PeasLaundry Conditioner (Lavender)
Cashew MylkPaprika (Smoked)Red Kidney BeansLaundry Liquid (Lavender)
Choc Oat MylkParsleyRed Split LentilsMulti Surface Spray (Citrus)
Coconut MylkPeppercorns Black WholeSoya BeansWashing Up Liquid (Citrus)
Matcha MylkRosemarySoya ChunksEarthwise Pad Bag
Oat MylkSageArborio RiceEarthwise Pad – Individual (Small / Medium / Large)
Pistachio MylkSea Salt (Course)Brown BasmatiEarthwise Pads – 3 Pack (Small / Medium / Large)
Turmeric MylkThymeCous Cous (Wholemeal)Keep Cup Brew (8oz)
Bliss BallTurmericPasta (Wholemeal Penne)Keep Cup Cork (8oz / 12oz)
Fruit Pulp CrackerAlmond ButterQuinoa – RedKeep Cup Long Play (12oz / 16oz)
Greek Style Feta (In Glass Jar)Hazelnut ButterQuinoa – WhiteSoul Bottle (Small / Large)
Nacho Dip (In Glass Jar)AlmondsWhite Jasmine RiceLarge Leakproof Canister
La Cremerie (Rice Yoghurt)BrazilWild RiceLarge Lunch Box
Banana ChipsCashew PiecesApple Cider VinegarSquare Salad Tin
Chopped ApricotsChia SeedsTamari SauceStainless Steel Bottle (750ml)
DatesHazelnutsLarge Shopping Bag (Branded)
Figs Hemp Seeds (Hulled)Onya 5 & 8 Pack
Goji BerriesLinseed BrownOrganic Cotton Bag
Mango CheeksOmega 4 Seed MixCotton Rounds (5 Pack)
RaisinsPeanutsCotton Rounds (Individual)
SultanasPecan HalvesEarth Conscious Deodorant

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