Earth.Food.Love is an organic, wholefoods, zero-waste shop based in Totnes, South Devon. We want to live in a world where consuming doesn’t have to cost the earth! Focusing on creating a better future, we decided to look back to the past, where eating real food with minimal packaging was normal practice. We believe returning to these simple ways will benefit not only our health, but the planets too. 


Hi, I’m Nicola & I’m Richard and this is our daughter, Willow. We are passionate about the Earth we live on, the Food we eat and we believe everything should be built on Love. We are only just beginning our zero-waste journey, we are not perfect but each day we strive to be a better version of the people we were the day before. We thrive in learning new things and tackle challenges with passion and enthusiasm.

We have a vision for the kind of world we want our children to grow up in and this shop is helping to make that a reality. It is with pride that we open our doors to you, as we work together as a community in creating a healthier planet.


Not so long ago, living a fast-paced city life in an apartment block that had no recycling facilities we soon began to notice the accumulation of recycling we (as a family of 2) created each week. It was during these trips to and from the recycling plant that we thought ‘there must be another way?’ Each shopping trip then became a frustrating ordeal, as we so desperately tried to avoid unnecessary (and often toxic!) packaging.

Living gently on this planet can be approached from many different angles; having shorter showers, cycling to work and ditching the aerosols, but what if changing the way you shop becomes the most powerful form of activism that you do? Every time you make a purchase, you cast a vote for the kind of world you wish to live in. We want that world to be sustainable, clean and thriving for our future generations to enjoy.

We look forward to you joining us on this mission; together we can be the generation of change!

Almond FlourBuckwheatGlass Jars 2000mlMung Beans
Baking PowderBulghurKeep CupSplit Peas- Green
Bicarbonate Of SodaWholemeal Cous CousGlass Jars 3000mlSpearmint
Brown SugarMilletMetal StrawsFennel
Buckwheat FlourPopping CornMooncups (Organicup)Chia
Cacao Powder RawBritish Quinoa- WhiteSandwhich WrapsLinseed Whole
Castor SugarQuinoa FlakesSoapPoppy
Chickpea FlourRed QuinoaTea Ball Mesh 4.5cmAustrian Pumpkin Seeds
Coconut FlourBrown Basmati RiceTea Ball Mesh 6.5cmSesame Seed Whole Brown
Icing SugarBrown Short Grain RiceTea Tongs 5cmSunflower Seeds
Semolina FlourBrown Long Grain RiceEco SpongeArrowroot
White Plain FlourWhite BasmatiToothbrush ChildrensBlack Peppercorns
White Flour Self RaisingWhite Jasmine RiceCotton SwabsCardamon Seed Whole
Wholemeal Rye FlourBrown Jasmine RiceReusable RazorsCaraway Seeds
Brown Rice FlourWild RiceRazor GuardCardamon Seed- Ground
White Spelt FlourWhite Penne PastaPlastic Free DeodorantCayenne
Wholemeal Spelt FlourWhite Fusilli PastaToothbrush AdultsCrushed Chillies
Strong Wholemeal FlourWhite SpaghettiPantilinerChilli Ground
Coconut SugarWhite Lasagne SheetsWomens Day PadsCeylon Cinnamon
Pysilium Husk 98% PurityWholwheat Pasta PenneWomens Day Pad PlusCassia Cinnamon
Almond FlourPolentaWomens NightCinnamon Sticks
Bran FlakesBasilWomens Cycle KitCloves Whole
Buckwheat FlakesBay LeavesWomens PouchCloves Ground
CornflakesMixed HerbsLeafproof Elephant  BoxCoriander Ground
Deluxe MuesliOreganoTwist Canister Elephant BoxCoriander Seeds
Jumbo OatflakesParsleyStainless Steel CupCumin Ground
Jumbo Oatflakes (Gluten Free)RosemaryElephant BoxCumin Seeds
Muesli (Gluten Free)SagePatterned Tea CaddyCurry Powder
Apple & Cinnamon CerealThymePlain Tea CaddyFennel Seeds
Oatmeal (Medium)DillMuhle RazorsFenugreek Seed
Chocolate DropsAniseedAlmondsGaram Masala
Dark Chocolate Coated Cacao Nibs 70% SolidMarjoramAlmonds- FlakedGinger- Ground
Cacao Nibs RawMaple SyrupBrazilMustard Seeds- Brown
Raw Chocolate Covered AlmondsAgaveCashew PiecesMustard Seed Ground
Raw Chocolate Covered RaisinsApple Cider VinegarCashew WholeMustard Seeds- Yellow
Raw Chocolate Covered GingerOlive Oil Sun/shade GrownHazelnuts Toasted And ChoppedNigella Seeds
Raw Chocolate Covered Golden BerriesOlive Oil Sun GrownMixed NutsPaprika
Raw Chocolate Covered MulberriesClearspring TamariPeanuts (In The Back Just Ask)Paprika- Smoked
Apple RingsLiquids Non FoodPecanSeasalt Course
ApricotsLaudry Liquid GreenscentsPine NutsSeasalt Fine
Bannana Chips (Coconut OilWashng Up Liquid GreeenscentsPistachio KernalsStar Anise
Cranberries (In Apple Juice)Floor Soap GreenscentsWalnut PiecesTurmeric
DatesSurface SprayMacadamiaMixed Spices
Fruit & Nut MixLoo Cleaner GreenscentsAlmond ButterGround White Pepper
FigsEngevita Yeast FlakesPeanut ButterNutmeg- Ground
Golden BerriesBouliion Stock Vegan & Gluten FreeCashew Butter (Every Tuesday)Nutmeg- Whole
Goji BerriesCornish Sea WeedBlack BeansMorning Sun
MangoCornish Sea SaladButter BeansNightcap
Mixed FruitSun Dried TomatoesChickpeasBlack Bounty
Mulberries WhiteBombay MixHaricot BeansStraberry & Basil
PrunesBooks- Rob GreenfieldKidney BeansGinger & Lemon Myrtle
Raisins  (In S/f Oil)Jute Canvas BagLentils- GreenRooibus Son Of Africa
Desiccated CoconutCotton Canvas BagLentils-redGunpowder
Toasted Coconut ChipsDraw 8 PackCanneliniAssam Blend
Baya (Dark Roast Blend Of Arabica Beans)Draw 5 PackLentils- PuyStrawberry & Basil
Café Tunki (Medium Roast)Glass Jars 500mlSplit Peas- YellowDuke Of Grey
Arborio RiceGlass 750mlSoya BeansFennel Anise Caraway
Pearl BarleyGlass Jars 1000mlAdzuki Beans

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