A Simpler Life was created to help everyone take the small steps needed to change and improve our environment and lifestyles without it costing the Earth. Whether you are looking for a more Eco-friendly approach, zero or reduced waste in your home or simply a more healthier lifestyle, we hope to provide some of the products and ideas that will help you make that difference.

Product List:
Soft Brown Sugar Deluxe Muesli Green Tea – Per 10g OrganicEcoffee Bamboo Cup – 12oz – Amstel Special Edition
Raw Cane Sugar OrganicCouscous – Wholemeal OrganicGreen Tea – 100g OrganicBamboo Toothbrushes
Bicarbonate of Soda Couscous – White OrganicEarl Grey- 125g OrganicBamboo Toothbrush Case
Baking Powder Peppercorns (Whole Black) OrganicBreakfast Tea – Per 10g Organic8oz Kraft Ripple Cups – Per 25
Flour – Self Raising White Organic Paprika (Spanish) – Per 10gBreakfast Tea – 125g Organic8oz Kraft Ripple Cups – Case of 500
Flour – Plain White OrganicNutmeg – Ground – Per 10gWalnut Halves – Light Organic8oz Double Wall ‘I’m a Green Cup’. Per 25
Cocoa Powder OrganicMixed Spice – Per 10gWalnut Halves – Light Organic8oz Double Wall ‘I’m a Green Cup’. Carton of 500
Cacao Nibs – Raw OrganicMixed Spice – Per 10gSunflower Seeds – Kernels OrganicPenne – Wholewheat Organic
Seasalt – Course Garam Masala – Per 10gSesame Seeds – Whole Brown OrganicPenne – White   Penne – White Organic
Kidney Beans OrganicFennel – Per 10gSeeds – Pumpkin Seeds OrganicFusilli – Wholewheat Organic
Haricot Beans OrganicCurry Powder (Medium) – Per 10gSeeds – Chia OrganicFusilli – White Organic
Chick Peas OrganicCumin Seeds – Per 10gNuts – Pine Nuts Kernels OrganicLamazuna Solid Toothpaste
Butter Beans OrganicCumin – Ground – Per 10gNuts – Peanuts OrganicLamazuna Solid Shampoo for Dry Hair Dry Hair
Lentils – Red OrganicCoriander Seeds – Per 10gNuts – Cashew – Whole Lamazuna Solid Shampoo – Scotch Pine Normal Hair
Lentils – Green OrganicCoriander – Ground – Per 10gNuts – Brazil – Whole OrganicLamazuna Solid Shampoo – Orange / Cinnamon / Star Anise Normal Hair
Lentils – Dark Speckled (Puy style) OrganicCloves – Whole – Per 10gNuts – Almonds – Whole OrganicLamazuna Solid Shampoo – Lemon Oily Hair
Ground Coffee – Medium (3) Chillies – Ground – Per 10gPopping Corn OrganicLamazuna Solid Shampoo – Chocolate Normal Hair
Coffee Beans – Medium Roast (3) OrganicCayenne Pepper – Per 10gHazelnuts – Whole OrganicLamazuna Solid Deodorant
Raisins (in S/F Oil) OrganicHerbs (Dried) – Thyme – Per 10gGround Almonds Lamazuna Oriculi Ear Swab / Reuseable QTip
Raisins – Yoghurt Coated Herbs (Dried) – Sage – Per 10gStraw CleanersWhite Basmati Organic
Mixed Fruit OrganicHerbs (Dried) – Rosemary – Per 10g OrganicStraw – Stainless Steel – StraightBrown Short Grain Organic
Desiccated Coconut OrganicHerbs (Dried) – Basil – Per 10g OrganicStraw – Stainless Steel – AngledSoap Bar -Coconut Milk & Ylang Ylang
Dates – Medjoul Herbs (Dried)  – Parsley – Per 10g OrganicEcoffee Bamboo Cup – 14oz Yeah BabySoap Bar – Peppermint & Pine
Apricots (Whole) OrganicHerbs – Oregano – Per 10gEcoffee Bamboo Cup – 14oz StockholmSoap Bar – Lemongrass & Chamomile
Washable Sanitary Pads – SmallHerbs – Mixed Herbs – Per 10g OrganicEcoffee Bamboo Cup – 14oz Pink PolkaSoap Bar – Grapefruit & Mandarin
Washable Sanitary Pads – MediumGreenscents Washing Up Liquid (Citrus) – Per 100mlEcoffee Bamboo Cup – 14oz NorweavenSoap Bar – Cinnamon & Orange
Washable Sanitary Pads – LongGreenscents Multi Surface Spray – Per 100mlEcoffee Bamboo Cup – 14oz Green PolkaSoap Bar – Aloe Vera & Wheatgerm
Mooncups MooncupsGreenscents Loo Cleaner (Minty) – Per 100mlEcoffee Bamboo Cup – 12oz Vondel Special EditionFriendly Soap Travel Soap – Hair & Body Bar
Quinoa – White OrganicGreenscents Laundry Liquid – Nonscents – Per 100mlEcoffee Bamboo Cup – 12oz ThreadneedleFriendly Soap Natural Shaving Soap – Orange & Lavender
Porridge Oats OrganicGreenscents Laundry Conditioner (Lavender) – Per 100mlEcoffee Bamboo Cup – 12oz Papa Franco
Gluten Free Jumbo Oatflakes OrganicEcoleaf Dishwasher Tablets – SinglesEcoffee Bamboo Cup – 12oz Dutch Oven
Jumbo Oatflakes OrganicEcoleaf Dishwasher Tablets – Box of 70Ecoffee Bamboo Cup – 12oz Beatrix Special Edition

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