A one-stop shop for everyday essentials, from freshly baked breads to meats, cheeses and all of your general groceries as well as those hard to find food items not sold in ordinary food retailers. Seeks out and promotes organically grown foods, and feature foods that are free from artificial preservatives, colours, flavours, sweeteners and hydrogenated fats, all wholesome and safe to eat.

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Product List:
Wheat/CerealsBuckwheat Unroasted Organic£3.29
Wheat/CerealsBulgur Medium cracked£1.99
Wheat/CerealsCous Cous White£1.99
Wheat/CerealsCous Cous Wholemeal£2.49
Wheat/CerealsCous-Cous Giant£3.99
Wheat/CerealsFreekeh cracked£7.99
Wheat/CerealsHulled millet£1.99
Wheat/CerealsOrganic Quinoa£9.99
Wheat/CerealsPearl Barley£0.99
Wheat/CerealsPot barley Flakes£1.19
Wheat/CerealsQuinoa Flakes Organic£6.99
Wheat/CerealsTricolour Quinoa Organic£7.99
Wheat/CerealsOatmeal pinhead£1.19
Wheat/CerealsOats Jumbo£1.19
Wheat/CerealsOats regular£1.19
Wheat/CerealsMuesli De Luxe Organic£4.39
Wheat/CerealsOatmeal pinhead£1.19
Wheat/CerealsOats Jumbo£1.19
Wheat/CerealsOats regular£1.19
Seeds/Dried FruitLinseed / Flaxseed Brown Organic£2.99
Seeds/Dried FruitPumpkin Seeds£7.99
Seeds/Dried FruitSunflower Seeds£2.39
Seeds/Dried FruitTapioca Seed Pearl£2.69
Seeds/Dried FruitBanana chips£4.99
Seeds/Dried FruitCherries Dried Sweetened Sour£29.99
Seeds/Dried FruitChopped Dates Organic£3.99
Seeds/Dried FruitCoconut Chips Thick Organic£5.99
Seeds/Dried FruitDates Deglet Nour Organic£8.49
Seeds/Dried FruitDesiccated Medium Coconut£4.99
Seeds/Dried FruitSliced Dried Sweetened Cranberries£8.99
Seeds/Dried FruitPopcorn Organic£2.99
RiceArborio White Rice£3.99
RiceBasmati Rice Brown£3.39
RiceBasmati White Rice£2.97
RiceBrown Rice Short Grain£1.69
PulsesAduki Beans£3.39
PulsesBlack Eye Beans£2.99
PulsesBlack Turtle Beans£2.79
PulsesButter Beans£3.39
PulsesMung Beans£3.39
PulsesPinto Beans£2.39
PulsesRed Kidney Beans£2.99
PulsesBrown Lentils£2.49
PulsesChick Peas£3.99
PulsesGreen Lentils£3.19
PulsesGreen Split Peas£1.39
PulsesLentils Red Split£2.69
PulsesLentils Black Beluga£5.49
PulsesPuy type Lentils£2.69
PulsesYellow Split Peas£1.19
NutsAlmonds Whole£16.99
NutsBlanched Almonds Whole£15.99
NutsBrazil Nuts Whole£22.99
NutsCashews Whole£16.99
NutsHazelnuts Whole£15.99
NutsPeanuts Dry Roasted Salted£5.39
NutsPeanuts Pale Skin£2.99
NutsPeanuts UnSalted Blanched£3.99
NutsPecan Halves£26.99
NutsPistachio Raw£43.99
NutsPistachios Roasted & Salted£22.99
NutsWalnut Halves & Pieces£16.99
Nut ButtersSalted Peanut Butter£7.99
Nut ButtersCashew Butter£15.99
Nut ButtersPlain Chocolate Hazelnut Butter£19.99
Muesli StationMix & Make Your Own Muesli.
Banana chips
Bran Flakes
Brazil Nuts
Cashew pieces
Coconut chips
Deluxe Muesli
Dessicated Coconut
Linseed / Flaxseed
Puffed Rice
Pumpkin seeds
Sunflower seeds
Walnut Halves & Pieces
£10.99 per kilo of any mixture

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