The Wildcat is a 100% vegan cafe and coffee shop with a whole foods section at the back of the shop. We have lots of food dispensers for buying your organic goods loose, and also sell plastic free veg, bread and Bio D refills.

Dry goods: Bio-D refills:
Unrefined Cane Sugar (organic) Laundry Liquid
Whole Apricots unsulphured (organic) Fabric Conditioner
Whole pitted dates Washing-Up Liquid
Raisins (organic) Lime and Aloe Vera Hand Wash
Porridge and Jumbo oats (organic) Fragrance Free Hand Wash
Steampunk ‘Naked’ Coffee Beans from Brazil Multi-Surface Sanitiser
Pumpkin/Sunflower Seeds (organic)
Couscous (organic)
Short Grain Brown Rice (organic)
Wholewheat Pasta (organic)
Brown or Red lentils (organic)
Green Split Peas (organic)
Kidney Beans (organic)
Chick peas (organic)

Our Useful Features & Services

Bio D Refills