We are an independent wholefoods grocery store located in the heart of Southampton, Hampshire, specialising in vegan, zero waste and gluten-free products.

Our Mission

  • To provide access to affordable, ethical groceries (especially staple foods), and to increase the range of such goods available in the Southampton area
  • To promote an ethical and sustainable lifestyle in general by providing all the everyday grocery requirements of vegans and other ethical shoppers under one roof, making an ethical lifestyle practical and convenient
  • To operate in an environmentally friendly manner
  • To provide information to our customers about the ethics and sustainability of our products and the food chain in general
  • To support co-operatives, other local businesses and social enterprises in the supply chain
  • To promote co-operation and co-operatives
  • To adhere to our ethical policy
Product List
Cereals Apple and Cinnamon Muesli Herbs and Spices Asafoetida
Cereals Barley Flakes Herbs and Spices Basil
Cereals Bran Flakes Herbs and Spices Bay Leaves
Cereals Buckwheat Flakes Herbs and Spices Black Onion Seed
Cereals Classic Muesli Herbs and Spices Black Pepper Ground
Cereals Deluxe Muesli Herbs and Spices Cardamom Ground
Cereals Fruit and Nut Muesli Herbs and Spices Cardamom Pods
Cereals Fruit Crunch Herbs and Spices Cayenne
Cereals Luxury Tropical Muesli Herbs and Spices Celery Salt
Cereals Millet Flakes Herbs and Spices Celery Seed
Cereals Oat and Coconut Granola Herbs and Spices Chilli Ground
Cereals Oat Bran Herbs and Spices Chilli Whole
Cereals Oatmeal Medium Herbs and Spices Chinese Five Spice
Cereals Jumbo Oats Herbs and Spices Cinnamon
Cereals Porridge Oats Herbs and Spices Cloves Ground
Cereals Quinoa Flakes Herbs and Spices Cloves Whole
Cereals Rye Flakes Herbs and Spices Cajun Seasoning
Cereals Spelt Flakes Herbs and Spices Coriander Leaves
Cereals Super Hi-Fibre Muesli Herbs and Spices Coriander Seed
Dried Fruit Apple Rings Herbs and Spices Cumin Ground
Dried Fruit Whole Apricots Herbs and Spices Cumin Seed
Dried Fruit Chopped Apricots Herbs and Spices Coriander Ground
Dried Fruit Banana Chips Herbs and Spices Curry Powder Dill Herb
Dried Fruit Blueberries Herbs and Spices Dill Seed Fennel Seed
Dried Fruit Cranberries in Apple Juice Herbs and Spices Fenugreek Ground
Dried Fruit Crystallised Ginger Currants Herbs and Spices Fenugreek Seeds
Dried Fruit Chopped Dates Herbs and Spices Garam Masala
Dried Fruit Organic Pitted Dates Herbs and Spices Garlic Granules
Dried Fruit Non-organic Pitted Dates Figs Herbs and Spices Garlic Powder
Dried Fruit Goji Berries Herbs and Spices Ground Ginger
Dried Fruit Mango Pieces Herbs and Spices Herbs de Provence
Dried Fruit Mulberries Herbs and Spices Italian Seasoning
Dried Fruit Papaya Herbs and Spices Kelp Powder
Dried Fruit Diced Pineapple Herbs and Spices Lavender
Dried Fruit Pitted Prunes Herbs and Spices Marjoram
Dried Fruit Raisins Herbs and Spices Mint
Dried Fruit Jumbo Flame Raisins Sultanas Herbs and Spices Mixed Herbs
Dried Fruit Sundried Tomatoes Herbs and Spices Mixed Spice
Grains Raw Buckwheat Bulgar Wheat Herbs and Spices Brown Mustard Seed
Grains White Couscous Herbs and Spices Yellow Mustard Seed
Grains Wholemeal Couscous Millet Herbs and Spices Ground Mustard Seed
Grains Popcorn Herbs and Spices Nutmeg Ground
Grains Quinoa Herbs and Spices Nutmegs Whole
Grains Arborio Rice Herbs and Spices Onion Powder
Grains Basmati brown Rice Herbs and Spices Oregano
Grains Basmati White Rice Herbs and Spices Paprika
Grains Brown Long-grain Rice Herbs and Spices Paprika Smoked
Grains Brown short-grain Rice Herbs and Spices Parsley
Grains Wild Rice Herbs and Spices Peppercorns
Grains Pearl Barley Herbs and Spices Black Peppercorns
Pasta Orzo Pasta Herbs and Spices Pink Peppercorns
Pasta Whole Wheat Fusilli Pasta Herbs and Spices White Peppermint
Pasta White fusilli pasta Herbs and Spices Poppy Seed Blue Rosehip
Pasta Durum wheat spaghetti Herbs and Spices Rosemary
Pasta Durum wheat penne Herbs and Spices Sage
Loose Tea Hibiscus Chamomile Herbs and Spices Sumac Ground Tarragon
Loose Tea Lavender Mate Herbs and Spices Thyme
Loose Tea Bad Weather Herbs and Spices Turmeric
Loose Tea Spring Garden Herbs and Spices Pepper White Ground
Loose Tea Cloud Catcher Prepared Foods Stuffing Mix
Loose Tea White Pomegranate Prepared Foods Sauce Mix
Loose Tea Lapsang Souchong Prepared Foods TVP Chunks
Loose Tea Orange Blossom Prepared Foods TVP Mince
Loose Tea Strawberries + Cream Pulses/Beans Aduki
Loose Tea Jasmine Yin Hao Pulses/Beans Black Turtle
Loose Tea Chilli + Cherry Rooibos Blue Lady Pulses/Beans Brown Lentils
Loose Tea Chai Rooibos Pulses/Beans Cacao Nibs
Loose Tea Fujian Ding Dong Oolong Pulses/Beans Cannelini
Nuts and Seeds Alfalfa Pulses/Beans Chickpeas
Nuts and Seeds Blanched Almonds Pulses/Beans Dark Speckled Lentils
Nuts and Seeds Flaked Almonds Pulses/Beans Green Lentils
Nuts and Seeds Ground Almonds Pulses/Beans Green Split Peas Haricot
Nuts and Seeds Whole Almonds Pulses/Beans Mung
Nuts and Seeds Amaranth Pulses/Beans Pinto
Nuts and Seeds Whole Brazil Nuts Pulses/Beans Red Kidney
Nuts and Seeds Broken Brazil Nuts Pulses/Beans Red Split Lentils
Nuts and Seeds Cashew Pieces Pulses/Beans Seven Bean Mix Soya Beans
Nuts and Seeds Roasted and Salted Cashews Pulses/Beans Yellow Split Peas Butter Beans
Nuts and Seeds Whole Cashews Snacks Bombay Mix
Nuts and Seeds Chia Seeds Snacks Fried and Salted Corn
Nuts and Seeds Desiccated Coconut Snacks Garlic Sticks
Nuts and Seeds Raw Coconut Chips Snacks Sesame Sticks
Nuts and Seeds Toasted Coconut Chips Snacks Spicy Chickpeas
Nuts and Seeds Gourmet Seed Mix Snacks Fried and Salted Broad Beans
Nuts and Seeds Hazelnuts
Nuts and Seeds Brown Linseed
Nuts and Seeds Golden Linseed
Nuts and Seeds Macadamia
Nuts and Seeds Nut Mix
Nuts and Seeds Omega Mix
Nuts and Seeds Blanched Peanuts
Nuts and Seeds Paleskin Peanuts
Nuts and Seeds Roasted and Salted Peanuts
Nuts and Seeds Pecan Halves
Nuts and Seeds Pinenuts
Nuts and Seeds Roasted and Salted Pistachios
Nuts and Seeds Raw Pistachios (No Shell)
Nuts and Seeds Psyllium Husk
Nuts and Seeds Pumpkin Seeds
Nuts and Seeds Sesame Seeds
Nuts and Seeds Sunflower Seeds
Nuts and Seeds Walnut Pieces

Opening Hours


10:00AM – 6:30PM


10:00AM – 6:30PM


10:00AM – 6:30PM


10:00AM – 6:30PM


10:00AM – 6:30PM


9:30AM – 5:30PM


11:00AM – 4:00PM


Our Address:

20 Hanover Buildings Southampton SO14 1JX


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