We are an independent wholefoods grocery store located in the heart of Southampton, Hampshire, specialising in vegan, zero waste and gluten-free products.

Our Mission

  • To provide access to affordable, ethical groceries (especially staple foods), and to increase the range of such goods available in the Southampton area
  • To promote an ethical and sustainable lifestyle in general by providing all the everyday grocery requirements of vegans and other ethical shoppers under one roof, making an ethical lifestyle practical and convenient
  • To operate in an environmentally friendly manner
  • To provide information to our customers about the ethics and sustainability of our products and the food chain in general
  • To support co-operatives, other local businesses and social enterprises in the supply chain
  • To promote co-operation and co-operatives
  • To adhere to our ethical policy
Product List
CerealsApple and Cinnamon MuesliHerbs and SpicesAsafoetida
CerealsBarley FlakesHerbs and SpicesBasil
CerealsBran FlakesHerbs and SpicesBay Leaves
CerealsBuckwheat FlakesHerbs and SpicesBlack Onion Seed
CerealsClassic MuesliHerbs and SpicesBlack Pepper Ground
CerealsDeluxe MuesliHerbs and SpicesCardamom Ground
CerealsFruit and Nut MuesliHerbs and SpicesCardamom Pods
CerealsFruit CrunchHerbs and SpicesCayenne
CerealsLuxury Tropical MuesliHerbs and SpicesCelery Salt
CerealsMillet FlakesHerbs and SpicesCelery Seed
CerealsOat and Coconut GranolaHerbs and SpicesChilli Ground
CerealsOat BranHerbs and SpicesChilli Whole
CerealsOatmeal MediumHerbs and SpicesChinese Five Spice
CerealsJumbo OatsHerbs and SpicesCinnamon
CerealsPorridge OatsHerbs and SpicesCloves Ground
CerealsQuinoa FlakesHerbs and SpicesCloves Whole
CerealsRye FlakesHerbs and SpicesCajun Seasoning
CerealsSpelt FlakesHerbs and SpicesCoriander Leaves
CerealsSuper Hi-Fibre MuesliHerbs and SpicesCoriander Seed
Dried FruitApple RingsHerbs and SpicesCumin Ground
Dried FruitWhole ApricotsHerbs and SpicesCumin Seed
Dried FruitChopped ApricotsHerbs and SpicesCoriander Ground
Dried FruitBanana ChipsHerbs and SpicesCurry Powder Dill Herb
Dried FruitBlueberriesHerbs and SpicesDill Seed Fennel Seed
Dried FruitCranberries in Apple JuiceHerbs and SpicesFenugreek Ground
Dried FruitCrystallised Ginger CurrantsHerbs and SpicesFenugreek Seeds
Dried FruitChopped DatesHerbs and SpicesGaram Masala
Dried FruitOrganic Pitted DatesHerbs and SpicesGarlic Granules
Dried FruitNon-organic Pitted Dates FigsHerbs and SpicesGarlic Powder
Dried FruitGoji BerriesHerbs and SpicesGround Ginger
Dried FruitMango PiecesHerbs and SpicesHerbs de Provence
Dried FruitMulberriesHerbs and SpicesItalian Seasoning
Dried FruitPapayaHerbs and SpicesKelp Powder
Dried FruitDiced PineappleHerbs and SpicesLavender
Dried FruitPitted PrunesHerbs and SpicesMarjoram
Dried FruitRaisinsHerbs and SpicesMint
Dried FruitJumbo Flame Raisins SultanasHerbs and SpicesMixed Herbs
Dried FruitSundried TomatoesHerbs and SpicesMixed Spice
GrainsRaw Buckwheat Bulgar WheatHerbs and SpicesBrown Mustard Seed
GrainsWhite CouscousHerbs and SpicesYellow Mustard Seed
GrainsWholemeal Couscous MilletHerbs and SpicesGround Mustard Seed
GrainsPopcornHerbs and SpicesNutmeg Ground
GrainsQuinoaHerbs and SpicesNutmegs Whole
GrainsArborio RiceHerbs and SpicesOnion Powder
GrainsBasmati brown RiceHerbs and SpicesOregano
GrainsBasmati White RiceHerbs and SpicesPaprika
GrainsBrown Long-grain RiceHerbs and SpicesPaprika Smoked
GrainsBrown short-grain RiceHerbs and SpicesParsley
GrainsWild RiceHerbs and SpicesPeppercorns
GrainsPearl BarleyHerbs and SpicesBlack Peppercorns
PastaOrzo PastaHerbs and SpicesPink Peppercorns
PastaWhole Wheat Fusilli PastaHerbs and SpicesWhite Peppermint
PastaWhite fusilli pastaHerbs and SpicesPoppy Seed Blue Rosehip
PastaDurum wheat spaghettiHerbs and SpicesRosemary
PastaDurum wheat penneHerbs and SpicesSage
Loose TeaHibiscus ChamomileHerbs and SpicesSumac Ground Tarragon
Loose TeaLavender MateHerbs and SpicesThyme
Loose TeaBad WeatherHerbs and SpicesTurmeric
Loose TeaSpring GardenHerbs and SpicesPepper White Ground
Loose TeaCloud CatcherPrepared FoodsStuffing Mix
Loose TeaWhite PomegranatePrepared FoodsSauce Mix
Loose TeaLapsang SouchongPrepared FoodsTVP Chunks
Loose TeaOrange BlossomPrepared FoodsTVP Mince
Loose TeaStrawberries + CreamPulses/BeansAduki
Loose TeaJasmine Yin HaoPulses/BeansBlack Turtle
Loose TeaChilli + Cherry Rooibos Blue LadyPulses/BeansBrown Lentils
Loose TeaChai RooibosPulses/BeansCacao Nibs
Loose TeaFujian Ding Dong OolongPulses/BeansCannelini
Nuts and SeedsAlfalfaPulses/BeansChickpeas
Nuts and SeedsBlanched AlmondsPulses/BeansDark Speckled Lentils
Nuts and SeedsFlaked AlmondsPulses/BeansGreen Lentils
Nuts and SeedsGround AlmondsPulses/BeansGreen Split Peas Haricot
Nuts and SeedsWhole AlmondsPulses/BeansMung
Nuts and SeedsAmaranthPulses/BeansPinto
Nuts and SeedsWhole Brazil NutsPulses/BeansRed Kidney
Nuts and SeedsBroken Brazil NutsPulses/BeansRed Split Lentils
Nuts and SeedsCashew PiecesPulses/BeansSeven Bean Mix Soya Beans
Nuts and SeedsRoasted and Salted CashewsPulses/BeansYellow Split Peas Butter Beans
Nuts and SeedsWhole CashewsSnacksBombay Mix
Nuts and SeedsChia SeedsSnacksFried and Salted Corn
Nuts and SeedsDesiccated CoconutSnacksGarlic Sticks
Nuts and SeedsRaw Coconut ChipsSnacksSesame Sticks
Nuts and SeedsToasted Coconut ChipsSnacksSpicy Chickpeas
Nuts and Seeds Gourmet Seed MixSnacksFried and Salted Broad Beans
Nuts and SeedsHazelnuts
Nuts and SeedsBrown Linseed
Nuts and SeedsGolden Linseed
Nuts and SeedsMacadamia
Nuts and SeedsNut Mix
Nuts and SeedsOmega Mix
Nuts and SeedsBlanched Peanuts
Nuts and SeedsPaleskin Peanuts
Nuts and SeedsRoasted and Salted Peanuts
Nuts and SeedsPecan Halves
Nuts and SeedsPinenuts
Nuts and SeedsRoasted and Salted Pistachios
Nuts and SeedsRaw Pistachios (No Shell)
Nuts and SeedsPsyllium Husk
Nuts and SeedsPumpkin Seeds
Nuts and SeedsSesame Seeds
Nuts and SeedsSunflower Seeds
Nuts and SeedsWalnut Pieces

Opening Hours


10:00AM – 6:30PM


10:00AM – 6:30PM


10:00AM – 6:30PM


10:00AM – 6:30PM


10:00AM – 6:30PM


9:30AM – 5:30PM


11:00AM – 4:00PM


Our Address:

20 Hanover Buildings Southampton SO14 1JX


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