The UK’s largest fully certified organic supermarket, Planet Organic is a celebration of nature, overflowing with mouth-watering, inspiring and ecologically great ideas.

When Planet Organic opened its doors in 1995, it was Renée Elliott’s dream to offer the best and widest range of organic food and products available. Walk into any store and we’ll talk to you about which vegetables are in season, inspire you to experiment with new ingredients and help you to choose the best bodycare or natural remedy.


We are delighted to have launched the Unpackaged concept in 4 of our stores, enabling you to buy loose products completely free from all packaging – giving you a easy way of cutting down on unneccesary waste and emissions, as well as saving you money!

Unpackaged offers you a way of shopping without packaging – we sell products loose so that you can bring your own containers to refill. If you need to, we have recycled paper bags but we’d love you to bring your own containers!

Shopping Without Packaging:
  • Saves you money – the loose products are better value.
  • Helps the environment – less packaging means less carbon emissions and waste to landfill.
  • No food waste
How It Works

Unpackaged has developed a simple system – you just pop your empty container on the scale to get a ‘tare’ weight barcode (‘tare’ means removing the weight of your container). Simply fill up, re-weigh to get a product label and carry on with your shopping.

Top Tips For Refilling
  • Bring any containers you like: tupperware and takeaway tubs work really well.
  • You only need to tare weigh once, just keep the tare weight label on and make repeat visits quicker!
  • Make sure you always clean your containers before refilling. Our labels peel on/ off really easily.

If you have any questions, suggestions or would like to give us any feedback, please contact

Learn more about Unpackaged at

Remember: Wash your containers thoroughly before refilling. Neither Planet Organic nor Unpackaged accept any liability for any contamination after products have been decanted into customers’ own container.

TypeItemPer KG
Cereals7 Grain Mix Flakes (Org)£3.50 per KG
CerealsOats – Porridge (Org)£5.00 per KG
CerealsOats – Jumbo (Org)£1.90 per KG
CerealsPuffed Quinoa (Org)£2.00 per KG
CerealsSuper Muesli (Org)£12.00 per KG
CerealsBran Flakes (Org)£6.50 per KG
ChocolateCacao Nibs – Raw (Org)£1.75 per 100g
ChocolateDark Chocolate Almonds (Org)£3.00 per 100g
ChocolateDark Chocolate Almonds – Raw (Org)£3.15 per 100g
ChocolateDark Chocolate Ginger – Raw (Org)£2.95 per 100g
ChocolateDark Chocolate Goji Berries (Org)£3.30 per 100g
ChocolateDark Chocolate Mulberries – Raw (Org)£2.95 per 100g
ChocolateTricolore Chocolate Raisins (Org)£2.15 per 100g
ChocolateMilk Chocolate Buttons (Org)£1.50 per 100g
Chocolate72% Dark Chocolate Buttons (Org)£1.50 per 100g
ChocolateWhite Chocolate Buttons (Org)£1.50 per 100g
Dried FruitApple Rings (Org)£2.30 per 100g
Dried FruitApricots – Whole (Org)£0.65 per 100g
Dried FruitBanana Chips (Org)£0.55 per 100g
Dried FruitCoconut Chips – Raw (Org)£0.70 per 100g
Dried FruitCranberries (Org)£1.85 per 100g
Dried FruitDates – Pitted (Org)£0.65 per 100g
Dried FruitFigs (Org)£0.95 per 100g
Dried FruitGoji Berries (Org)£1.65 per 100g
Dried FruitGolden Berries (Org)£3.00 per 100g
Dried FruitMango Slices (Org)£1.50 per 100g
Dried FruitPrunes – Pitted (Org)£1.30 per 100g
Dried FruitSour Cherries – Pitted (Org)£1.90 per 100g
Dried FruitSultanas w/ Sunflower Oil (Org)£0.40 per 100g
Dried FruitTomatoes – Sundried (Org)£0.95 per 100g
Dried FruitWhite Mulberries (Org)£1.90 per 100g
Dry PastaPenne – Chickpea/ Flax (Org)£1.00 per 100g
Dry PastaPenne – Green Pea (Org)£1.00 per 100g
Dry PastaPenne – R. Lentil/ Flax (Org)£1.00 per 100g
Dry PastaPenne – Wholewheat (Org)£0.40 per 100g
NutsAlmonds (Org)£1.60 per 100g
NutsAlmonds – Dry Roast (Org)£2.60 per 100g
NutsAlmonds – Ground (Org)£1.55 per 100g
NutsAlmonds – Tamari Roast (Org)£3.15 per 100g
NutsBrazils (Org)£3.15 per 100g
NutsCashews (Org)£1.95 per 100g
NutsHazelnuts (Org)£1.50 per 100g
NutsHazelnuts – Roast (Org)£2.55 per 100g
NutsJapanese R. Crackers (Org)£4.10 per 100g
NutsNut Mix – Roast/ Salt (Org)£2.60 per 100g
NutsNut Mix – Raw (Org)£2.20 per 100g
NutsPecans – Halves (Org)£3.55 per 100g
NutsPistachio – Roast/ Salt (Org)£3.50 per 100g
NutsWalnuts – Halves (Org)£1.90 per 100g
PulsesBeans – Aduki (Org)£3.50 per KG
PulsesBeans – Black Turtle (Org)£2.95 per KG
PulsesChickpeas (Org)£4.10 per KG
PulsesLentils – Puy (Org)£5.00 per KG
PulsesBeans – Red Kidney (Org)£3.50 per KG
PulsesLentils – Red Split (Org)£3.60 per KG
RiceRice – Basmati Brown (Org)£3.00 per KG
RiceRice – Basmati White (Org)£3.00 per KG
RiceRice – Black (Org)£4.00 per KG
RiceRice – Brown Short Grain (Org)£3.00 per KG
RiceRice – Brown Sprouted (Org)£9.50 per KG
RiceRice – Red (Org)£4.00 per KG
RiceQuinoa – Tricolore (Org)£6.00 per KG
RiceQuinoa – White (Org)£5.00 per KG
SeedsChia Seeds (Org)£0.77 per 100g
SeedsDeluxe Salad Mix (Org)£2.10 per 100g
SeedsHemp Seeds (Org)£0.60 per 100g
SeedsLinseed – Golden (Org)£0.39 per 100g
SeedsPopping Corn (Org)£0.25 per 100g
SeedsPumpkin Seeds (Org)£0.65 per 100g
SeedsSunflower Seeds (Org)£0.31 per 100g

This list was last updated in February 2018

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