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Naked Larder

Naked Larder offers South Londoners a different way to shop. We buy dry goods and eco-friendly cleaning products in bulk to minimise packaging and reduce cost. Our members collect their orders using their own reusable containers. How does Naked Larder work? Naked Larder provides a range of grains, beans & pulses, nuts, dried fruit, flours, pasta, cereals and eco-friendly cleaning products […]

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Hackney Fresh

A local independent organic shop selling good variety of organic, natural & eco-friendly groceries. Refills: Faith in Nature: Shampoo, Conditioner, Washing up liquid Ecover: Non-bio laundry liquid, Delicate laundry, Floor soap, Hand wash, Toilet cleaner, Washing up liquid Ecoleaf: Liquid hand soap, Washing up liquid Bio D: Sanitising handwash, Washing up liquid Other: Apple cider vinegar

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